If It’s Broken, Fix It

I recently put myself back in the dating game even though I swore to be single forever. LOL. Unfortunately at my age, 30, most people are single for a reason. Either you are like me and just came out of a long-term relationship, you were so against settling that you never had a significant relationship […]

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Healing After Loss

For those of you that have experienced a significant loss you already know how devastating a loss can be. Loss can come in many different forms, such as: death, divorce, devastation, theft, perceived or internal, etc. So far in my life I have been fortunate to not have experienced much loss. However, my biggest loss […]

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But First, Self

Life is and will always come with some obstacles. Probably the biggest obstacle we as human beings face is self acceptance. I do not mean accepting just what is on the surface, for example: where we are in our careers versus where we expect to be at this time in our lives. I mean self […]

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