Surviving R. Kelly Opinion Post

When I began this blog I decided early on that I only wanted to write about topics that I had direct knowledge about. However, in this day and age, some of us can connect to different situations and ways of thinking thanks to the internet and more specifically social media. Recently there was a documentary […]

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Healing After Loss

For those of you that have experienced a significant loss you already know how devastating a loss can be. Loss can come in many different forms, such as: death, divorce, devastation, theft, perceived or internal, etc. So far in my life I have been fortunate to not have experienced much loss. However, my biggest loss […]

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The Journey Of Discovery

The most unfortunate and undervaluing thing we as human beings are taught is to focus on situations and possessions outside of ourselves. Focus on your job, your bank account, your significant other, your body size, etc. But what about our minds? Why doesn’t anyone teach us how to build and maintain self esteem or motivate […]

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